Principle : Honesty

This week in class we learned about the Honesty principle. This principle is very important because if there is no honesty it can harm all of the other principles. If a company puts lots of effort and work into a social media campaign and then there is a flaw with it due to lack of honesty, it can undo everything that was done, and even make things worse also. I also learned that with honesty it can be dishonest even without necessarily being illegal. Following the law is one step of the honesty principle, but there is also 5 other parts that go along with it.  The honesty principle isn’t really the most complicated one. It is basically just try to keep everything truthful and open. You would want to let people know who and why you are posting the information. And if there is any questions just answer them. If I were starting a company’s social media plan, I would try to keep everything open and transparent. There might be a mistake and did not disclose something, but if that happens one would want to release the missed information fast to fix a mistake.

In this article found from Out Social Times it talks about how some companies had an issue with honesty.  The story I would like to use as an example is the KitchenAid store.  In the KitchenAid example an employee of KitchenAid posted a very rude comment about the president being elected.  This employee wasn’t being honest. From the tweet that was posted it lead people to believe that it was from the company. But the comment was really from the own persons view.  But right after it happened they addressed the problem and fixed it.


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