Project 3: Post 2

Looking ahead in the project 3, I think I have one good idea for a useful tactic. In our group we haven’t talked about what social media platforms we will be using for the project. But I assume it will include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and maybe YouTube. We have not got the target audience nailed down yet, but if it is close to young adults and middle age range, I think a blog would be a good tactic.

In another class I have learned about content marketing and integration. I think this would be a useful for a blog, if one of our strategies was focused on nutrition in some sort. And I think nutrition would be a good area to hit on a little because of the target audience, they are very nutrition focused.

The blog could be sponsored by Coca Cola and have doctors adding feedback to peoples posts and questions. It could be a blog about having a healthy lifestyle while at the same time being able to make room now and then for those sweets, and unhealthy treats that people like. I think a blog like that would be able to build a lot of credibility and get feedback and views for a brand like Coca Cola.

Project 3: Post 1

We are at the starting stages of working on project 3, but everything is coming together very nicely so far. Finding the target audience for coca cola has been a little more difficult then I first thought. They have a theme for their product of being universal to basically any and every one. So to find a specific audience out of that is a little hard. The closest thing I have found to a target audience in the US is from young adults to middle age adults. This needs to be more specific. There was an article I read that Coca Cola does not advertise to children under the age of 13 at all. If children under the age of 13 make up a certain percentage of the views for advertisement Coca Cola will not pay to have an ad there.

It is hard as a group to move on to the other parts of the project when target audience is so important. And since we have no come to any group conclusions of what their target audience is, it makes moving forward difficult. I am hopeful on class on Monday everybody in the group did more research and we can have a for sure definition of the target audience. This is very important part of the project because it is the foundation for basically the whole project. And if we have a wrong target audience it affects, the objectives, strategies and tactics going on with the rest of the project.

Project 2: Post 2

Project 2 went very smooth. We only had 4 people in our group but everyone worked very well together. I was writing about Coca Cola and their Facebook page. We looked at Pepsi and Dr. Pepper as their competitors. After talking to my group about what they found from their social media platforms we found a lot of interesting facts. The first thing I noticed was that Coca Cola was basically the most well know brand out of the three. But between Coca Cola and Pepsi, they used social media a lot alike in some aspects but also very different in others. For example Coca Cola and Pepsi both used themes of their brand being universal on their pages. But an example of how they were different was Coca Cola’s content was focused on a worldwide audience on their Facebook page, and Pepsi as a lot more focused on the United States. Dr. Pepper used a lot of unique ways to support their content that the others didn’t. But they also didn’t have the numbers of followers on their page.

I went into this project thinking I already knew most of the information. I thought that Coca Cola would be on top of social media compared to the others. That isn’t nearly true at all. I also thought I would not of learned much. But I learned a lot about how brands use social media, and then also how their content has to fight against other brands content. From all the hard research my team put in on this project I believe we will be very ready for project 3 when it comes up very soon.


The Foursquare page I looked at was The Metropolitan Museum of Art page. Other than the lecture in class I have heard of Foursquare a little but never really looked into it before. I know the times I did hear about it was a few years ago at least. I think the audience of this page would be like most or all of Foursquare pages are, people that go there and check in. But there were about 1000 tips from different people that had been there before. A handful of the tips were from the Museum themselves which I thought might lower the credibility of the comments a little. But majority of people leaving tips was the general public.

When I looked at the page there was 150,000 check ins total, and 40 people were there on the Saturday afternoon. I think the audience that would look at the content would be people mostly interested in going to or who had already been to visit the museum. The content in the tips would be very helpful in planning out a visit or seeing more or different things if you were already there. But I think more of the content posted from the brand and from the public could also be done on a Facebook page. All of the content seemed like it would also be on their Facebook page so it might be harder to keep up with both.

Project 2

For Project 2 my group decided we are going to pick Coca-Cola as are brand to look at. We decided on this brand for a few reasons. It is a worldwide brand so it has a mass audience. The audience is open to most ages, men and women. And they are a very well know brand so there is plenty of content on social media platforms to be looked at. I was given the responsibility to look at Coca-Colas Facebook brand page site.

Their Facebook site had 80 Million people that like them, and there is close to 680,000 people talking about cokes brand. The brand page is for a worldwide audience, not just the United States.  On their page the content is a lot of unique images and videos. Nothing is about just basic coke brand. Every post gets attention. I have found so far that most likes is between 20,000 and 80,000. There is lots of comments and sharing also that go along with the content. The tone they are trying to send is a happy tone that can be applied to everyday life.


The brand I am looking at that uses Pinterest is the St. Louis Blues hockey club. He content that they are curating is different than on their other social media sites.  All of the content is about the hockey club, but it is also fan related and created.  Example of this is pictures of peoples pets in their Blues gear. There is also a board of posts of people with Blues gear on in places all around the world. And the last example is of a board just named Blues Creations. It is a board of things people have created that are Blues themed.  The most common type of thing that is pinned is that of a creation or picture of a fan. I believe this is the most common because of the platform of social media. Because Pinterest is used a lot of times for creation, it gives good examples of what things people do to be creative and fans of the Blues .

I believe the primary audience is women that are Blues fans. But along with being Blues fans they have a creative side to go along with being a fan. They create personal items to show that they are a fan and would like to share those items and images with people that have the same passion.  The content that is most popular is the content created by fans. I think this because Pinterest is a place to show creations, and people so create things about the Blues are able to share in on this platform.


The forum I decided to look at is HFBoards. The full name is hockey future boards, and the community I am looking at is following the St. Louis Blues.  The brand the members on the forum at discussing in the St. Louis Blues. They discuss things on there that might not be seen on other social media. Examples of this are about the team rosters, the prospects of the club, and even about the different coaches of the team.

There are common themes on the forum. For every game played there is a post beforehand to talk about it. In the post they talk about match ups of different players and where this will put the team in the standings. There are also common posts about if a player is doing well or is in a slump.

I did not see any evidence that the brand is participating in the forum. It looks like all of the posts and comments are just members of the forum talking about the team.


The brand for Instagram I decided to look at was like last week, the St. Louis Blues. They mostly always post just images. They post images of all things about the Blues. Examples are players on and off the ice or out in the community.  Some of the images are them at practice or right before game time. Some others are images of them doing things for the community or just hanging out in the locker room. A player showed up at a local blood drive and they posted a picture of him.  And another example of a post is after a big trade for the new goalie they posted a picture of him being interviewed.

The common themes of images that are posted are all about the St. Louis Blues. But to be more specific a lot of times they are more “behind the scenes” type images. These posts are of the players that the public might not be able to see on an everyday.

I believe the primary audience would be anyone that would consider themselves a true Blues Fan. I think this because these pictures show a more personal and emotional side of the team. And to be invested in them and enjoy the pictures you would need to care a lot about the team to care what players are doing on and off the ice.

The most successful type of image is the one of the players doing charitable acts. The images I saw of players volunteering them time got the most amount of likes. I think this is so because it shows the players are part of the community and care about where they live and play.

Technology : Facebook post 2

I decided to look at another Facebook brand page for my student choice blog. The brand I decided to go with is Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. The brand is a small web series created by Jerry Seinfeld. In each episode it takes Jerry Seinfeld and another comedian. They go driving in a car, get coffee and just talk. So all of the content is about small video clips, or quotes from the web series. The content that is posted the most is mostly video clips from the show, or upcoming guests for the next week. These posts typically get between 2000 and 4000 likes. The most likes that one video clip got was 11,000 likes.

The primary audience for this Facebook page is younger people or people that like a funny set of dialog. I believe this because all of the content is free on the website. There is no log in, fee, or any type of registration. So that is why I think it is aimed to a younger audience. People that would be interested in free content.

Technology: Twitter

The brand on Twitter that I decided to look at is the St. Louis Blues. I picked this brand because I have been following them for a while already. Most of the content the brand is tweeting is all about the St. Louis Blues. Most of their tweets are about a current game, player stats, videos or pictures of the current game, or quotes from the coaching staff or players. Most of the recurring themes are game related. They post a lot about the current score so I would assume people that couldn’t be watching can still follow along. This works out very well because the game of hockey is very fast pace, and so is Twitter. So the two work out very well together.

I believe the primary audience is anyone in the St. Louis region that is a Blues fan. I believe this because all of the content is about the brand so people that are big fans would want to follow along with the news coming from the brand at all times. The most successful types of tweets are about game winning events, such as a video of a final goal being scored or just a final score. But the retweets are a lot lower then I would of thought. Typically the best re-tweets is around 200 or 300 re-tweets. They have 204 thousand followers so I thought that was low. I think it might be low because the tweets are more informational to find out scores and what the players are saying.